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A small rural house was once out in the country near Dallas, TX. Joe Shea purchased the little house with the idea of building a garage on the land behind it.

Joe and his friends needed a place to store parts while they restored their classic cars. His wife would only let him use the dining room for a limited time.

The U-shaped garage provided the perfect environment for restoring old cars, while the yard was quickly filled with run-down parts cars, bumpers, doors, front ends, etc.

The little house and garage became known as Doorthy's Place, since Doorthy -- a 1962 Chevy Bel Air Airport Limo -- greeted visitors in the driveway.


Over the years as the DFW Metroplex grew, the city expanded quite literally up to Doorthy's door. On any given night, you can hear the clanging of tools as Joe and his friends work on their cars, or just catch a sporting event on TV.

Doorthy is one of the most eye-catching cars at Doorthy's, but there are other cars who are well loved that live at Doorthy's Place.

Joe's 1962 Impala SS Convertible has a terrific story that holds a lot of memories for his family. Mikey, Walter, Bob, Jimbo, Ralph, Steve, Dave, and Larry can also be found at Doorthy's working on their cars.

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